Advanced Geophysical Technology (“AGT”) is a growing Houston-based company that is revolutionizing seismic imaging. From our origin as a developer of innovative GPU-based depth imaging algorithms, we are evolving into a service organization that uses our world-class computing power and proprietary algorithms to develop high-resolution 3D seismic images quickly and cost-effectively. Together, our team of elite geophysicists is creating unparalleled value by helping oil and gas companies select and employ the ideal imaging technology to accurately image the geophysical properties of salt basins and other hard-to-image subsurface locations.

Our Mission

AGT will invest in leading-edge depth imaging technologies and proprietary algorithms that help support oil and gas companies seeking new energy discoveries. Our technologies and services help them derive more value from data, accelerate project timetables, and mitigate financial risks.

Our Vision

AGT will open the window to a dynamic future of energy exploration, in which highly sophisticated depth imaging technologies help oil and gas companies turn vast energy reserves deep below the surface into abundant resources that enhance quality of life and power economic growth.

Our Values

AGT is an entrepreneurial company that is using our collective geophysics technology expertise to shape the future of seismic imaging. We apply the knowledge of our carefully selected team to generate fast, cost-effective images of the highest available resolution and quality—including proprietary patent-pending technologies that allow us to obtain high-quality images in record times.  By seeing far below the surface, oil and gas companies can secure the world’s energy future while protecting employees and the environment.