Management Team

AGT is using our collective geophysics expertise to shape the future of seismic imaging. Our elite team of hand-picked professionals keeps AGT on the leading edge of imaging technology—and helps clients select the optimal technology for each project site.

Who Does What —

Rob Yorke > Chief Executive Officer

Rob has provided seismic imaging services and software solutions to the oil service industry for more than 33 years. His broad experience base ranges from managing divisions within publicly traded oil service companies to leading small, entrepreneurial privately held seismic imaging companies.

Rob began his career in Calgary with Veritas in 1981 before moving to the U.S., where he led the Veritas seismic processing group’s entry into the U.S. market in 1993. He subsequently served as Vice President of Seismic Services for ADS in 2001 before Core Lab’s purchase of ADS, and President of Core Lab’s Reservoir Technology Division. He also served as President of the U.S. division of Paradigm Geophysical and CEO of 3DGEO. Rob attended Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada from 1979-1981, where he majored in Computer Science.

Lijian Tan, Ph.D. > VP: FM & RTM

Since co-founding AGT in 2010, Lijan has led the successful development of innovative seismic forward modeling technology, Reverse Time Migration (RTM) and angle gather output technologies. He has also served as project lead for much of AGT’s custom forward modeling work and RTM service projects.

Between 2007 and 2010 Lijian explored FWI technology as a Senior Research Engineer at ExxonMobil. He earned a Ph.D. degree from Cornell University in 2007 in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, with a minor in Computer Science in 2007.

Lijian is first author of a pending patent for implementation of seismic modeling and reverse time migration on GPU hardware, entitled “Method and System to Reduce: Memory Requirements, Device-to-Host Transfer Bandwidth Requirements, and Setup Time, for Seismic Modeling on Graphics Processing Units” (Application number: 20120203523). He is also first author of a patent for efficient computation of adjoint gradient for full wave inversion, entitled, “Method and System for Checkpointing During Simulations” (Patent number: 8756042).

Xijing Lian > VP: Business Development China

Xijing has significant 3D depth imaging experience in many of the world’s geologic basins including GOM, South America, West Africa, East Africa and the North Arctic.

Prior to joining AGT, Xijing worked as a Senior Geophysicist at ION/GXT from 1996-2012. He also worked as a Senior Geophysicist while at CNOOC from 1982-1995. He received a B.Sc. degree in Geophysics from the Marine Geology Department at Tongji University.

J. Jerry Yuan, Ph.D. > President: Velocity Model Building

Since joining AGT in 2012, Jerry has focused on velocity model building in isotropic/anisotropic media, mainly through automatic moveout picking, ray tracing and tomographic inversion.

Previously, Jerry worked as a Staff Velocity Geophysicist at ConocoPhillips (2009-2012), as a Senior Research Geophysicist at ION/GXT (2006-2009), and as a Senior Research Geophysicist at PGS (2000-2006). He received a Ph.D. degree in Geophysics from the University of Edinburgh, a Master’s degree in Geophysics from the China University of Petroleum, and a B.Sc. degree in Geophysics from Peking University.

Yong Sun > VP: Systems & Migrations

Yong has spent more than 20 years working in the seismic industry as a geophysical researcher and software developer. His current work at AGT focuses primarily on seismic imaging, anisotropy, multiple elimination, regularization, supercomputing, and software systems.

Yong received his M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from University of Houston in 1999, his M.Sc. degree in Geophysics from China Seismological Bureau in 1988, and his B.Sc. degree in Geophysics from Peking University in 1985.

Wenyi Hu, Ph.D. > VP: Full Waveform Inversion

Wenyi is pursuing a variety of research and development projects for AGT related to forward and inverse problems in exploration geophysics. In previous research positions, he developed algorithms for full waveform inversion of seismic data and joint inversion of multi-physics data. He also conducted research on velocity tomography and Q tomography.

Since joining AGT in 2013, he has developed and implemented novel techniques for full waveform inversion (FWI) and advanced numerical modeling of seismic waves. He holds one US patent on Q tomography methodology and has two US patent applications under review. Wenyi received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Duke University, Durham, NC, in 2005.