AGT offers a full range of seismic imaging services in both Time and Depth, 2D and 3D, Land and Marine. We have coupled patented seismic imaging technology with a unique hardware infrastructure that allows for unparalleled high-quality delivery at a lower cost than our competitors. We put more compute resources per geophysicist than anyone in the industry ensuring rigorous real-time data testing, workflow analysis and optimum parameterization for all advanced imaging needs.

AGT’s Service Offerings

  • Providing advanced best-in-class seismic imaging services to Oil and Gas Companies
  • Migration & Velocity Model Building
    • 2D/3D Time
    • 2D/3D Depth
    • Land / Marine, (NAZ, WAZ, Broadband, Nodal, etc.)
  • Research & Development
    • 40% of all capital is committed to R&D
    • Customer Focused Results – technology roadmap is adaptable
      • Rapid Technology Implementation – i.e. AVO Compliant RTM Gathers, Q
      • Nimble; technology roadmap adaptable to clients’ needs

3D RTM, QRTM & Rtm Angle Gathers (Iso/Vti/Tti)

  • AVO compliant offset and angle gathers
  • Finite-difference Q-RTM (patent pending)
  •          5X faster than traditional methods
  • Affordable high frequency (e.g. 50Hz) 3D RTM angle gather
  • Output every location in offset or angle domain
  • Azimuthal Imaging

Full Waveform Inversion (patented)

  • Beat-Tone FWI algorithm that does not require low-frequency data
  • Insensitive to source estimation error and data measurement error
  • Fast convergence rate (efficient computation of second-order derivative)
  • Highly automatic algorithm, minimum user interaction
  • Optimized workflows designed for various categories of seismic data

3D Kirchhoff Depth & Time Migration

  • Q, HTI/VTI, Orthorhombic
  • Designed for large 3D datasets and high resolution imaging
  • Large scale seismic modeling capability


  • Internal time processing package along with Paradigm/Echos


  • High-resolution tomography for small velocity anomalies
  • Superior fault definition and improved image
  • Global automatic residual depth move-out picking
  • Geology structural conformed inversion
  • Sub-salt velocity update with RTM dense angle gathers or shot index gathers

Forward Modeling

  • Finite Element and Finite Difference
  • Surface/Seafloor topography
  • Variable gridding
  • Full physics (Acoustic/Elastic, ISO/VTI/TTI/Orthorhombic, Q)
  • VSP/Sea floor multi-component recording


  • Double stage reflection energy suppression


  • Global-Local-Hybrid Multi-resolution approach
  • Anti-leakage and anti-aliasing
  • Fills large data gaps